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Using Assessment to Engage Students & Enhance their Learning

Welcome to the wiki pages that support the one day workshop on 'Using Assessment to Engage Students and Enhance their Learning'.  The workshop will take place in Bristol on September 22nd 2011. Registration either via the Physiological Society (for society members) or via the HEA central booking facility.

The workshop is sponsored jointly by the MEDEV* HEA Subject Centre, the Physiological Society, the AIMS CETL and the Education Support Unit, University of Bristol.

The local organisers are Prof. Judy Harris (judy.harris@bris.ac.uk),  Dr Phil Langton (phil.langton@bris.ac.uk) and Kit Leighton-Kelly (C.E.Leighton-Kelly@bristol.ac.uk).

The purpose of this wiki is provide more detailed information prior to the event and to coordinate discussions that start during and after the event. 

  • We will endeavour to place relevant materials (presentations and resources) on these pages for review and re-use. 
  • You will be able to choose to 'follow' any part of the wiki which means you will receive an email alerting you to changes and additions to the wiki.
  • The wiki has structure - use the tabs on the left to view different pages (the breadcrumbs in the banner show your location)
  • If you wish to add comments, please first login  or your comments will be appear as 'anonymous'
  • To add comments use the comments box at the foot of each page
  • To watch any page, choose the 'watch' option within 'Tools' (pages that you 'watch' will alert you by email if the page is edited or altered)
  • It is possible to share the wiki either by simply emailing the URL (https://wikis.bris.ac.uk/display/ASS/Home) or use the '*Share' function (top right but visible only when logged in)
  • The bottom of the Home page (this page) lists all changes (edits, additions, comments etc) to the site.


To promote critical discussion of efficient approaches to assessment that can provide staff with the opportunity to maintain or raise the quality of the student experience in the face of diminishing staff resource.

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